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GiveGreen and GiveGreen in the States Hit $3 Million for Cycle in Support of Environmental Champions After Annual GreenStorm

Sep 28, 2017

The League of Conservation Voters (LCV) Action Fund, NRDC Action Fund PAC and NextGen America have together already raised or contributed more than $3 million for federal and state candidates through GiveGreen and GiveGreen in the States in the 2017-2018 election cycle. The three million mark was reached following GreenStorm, a yearly 48-hour fundraising effort for priority candidates. This year GreenStorm is focusing on 2017 candidates for Governor Ralph Northam (VA), Phil Murphy (NJ) and Kate Brown (OR), among several other key races this fall. GreenStorm raised at least $361,000 with donations continuing to roll in.

 LCV Action Fund’s federal GiveGreen program, which is supported by the NRDC Action Fund PAC and NextGen America, helps to elect pro-environmental candidates at the federal level. GiveGreen in the States is a project of LCV Political Engagement Fund and NextGen America to help support pro-environmental candidates in the states.

“Stopping Trump’s pro-polluter agenda requires a Congress who stands up to this administration. We are fighting hard to support candidates who agree with the vast majority of Americans that clean air, safe water and action on climate change are vital to our health, our economy and our future,” said Rhea Suh, president of the NRDC Action Fund PAC.

“As the Trump Administration rolls back crucial environmental safeguards and abandons our position as a global leader on climate change, it is more important than ever to elect candidates at every level that will stand up and fight for the safety of our planet and the health of our communities. While the President ignores the devastating effects of climate change in places like Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico, NextGen America is proud to support these candidates as they continue to pursue pro-environmental positions and policies based in reality, science, and justice. The GiveGreen candidates understand that environmental progress is fundamentally an issue of equal rights — and that in order to achieve true equality we all must be able to breathe clean air, drink clean water, have access to good-paying clean jobs, and live a full and healthy life,” said Tom Steyer, president of NextGen Climate.

“Our members understand that one of the best ways to push back on the destructive agenda of the president and his anti-environmental allies in Congress is to elect environmental champions this cycle. While the current administration is focused on putting the interests of corporate polluter profits ahead of the health and safety of our communities, we are more focused than ever on electing pro-environmental candidates to public office at every level. Our candidates are pushing back on this administration’s radical agenda and our two million members are with them every step of the way,” said Gene Karpinski, president of LCV Action Fund.

During the 2016 election cycle, the GiveGreen program raised or contributed more than $8.4 million for environmental candidates. In the 2014 election cycle, the GiveGreen program raised or contributed over $5.8 million for environmental candidates.


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