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LCV Launches Digital Campaign Thanking House Representatives for Seeking to Protect the Arctic from Oil Drilling

Jun 24, 2016

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The League of Conservation Voters (LCV) today launched a $10,000 digital campaign thanking a bipartisan group of Representatives for supporting permanent protection from oil and gas drilling for America’s Arctic Ocean.  The campaign includes advertisements on Facebook encouraging the constituents of Representatives Jared Huffman (D, CA-2), Bob Dold (R, IL-10), and Pete Aguilar (D, CA-31) to thank their member of Congress for standing up for the Arctic.  

“We are really pleased to see bipartisan support to preserve the pristine and fragile ecosystem of the Arctic Ocean, where the unforgiving environment and lack of emergency response infrastructure makes oil and gas drilling especially dangerous,” said Alex Taurel, LCV’s Deputy Legislative Director.  “Their constituents deserve to know that these members of Congress are leading the fight to protect the Arctic.  It should be a national priority for us to take drilling off the table forever in the Arctic Ocean so we can keep these fossil fuels in the ground and accelerate our transition to clean energy.”

In a letter written to Interior Secretary Sally Jewell on June 15, 2016, Representatives Huffman, Dold, and Aguilar – along with 85 of their fellow congressmen and women – strongly recommended that the Department of Interior permanently exclude all Arctic waters under American jurisdiction from any future oil and gas development.  The Department of Interior is currently considering whether to issue leases so oil companies may drill for fossil fuels in the Arctic.  Such activity would put at severe risk of an oil spill some of the country’s most undisturbed habitats and undermine our efforts to fight climate change.  Rather than pursue that path, these members of Congress are urging President Obama’s administration to take drilling off the table forever in these waters and once again set the pace in the fight against climate change.  

View the Rep. Jared Huffman ad here.
View the Rep. Bob Dold ad here.
View the Rep. Pete Aguilar ad here.