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LCV and MCV Statements on Senator Collins’ Opposition to Pruitt’s EPA Nomination

Feb 16, 2017

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In response to Senator Susan Collins’ opposition to Scott Pruitt’s nomination for EPA Administrator, the League of Conservation Voters and Maine Conservation Voters issued the following statements.

Statement from Tiernan Sittenfeld, LCV Senior Vice President of Government Affairs:

“Huge thanks and kudos to Senator Collins for continuing her leadership in fighting for clean air and water and climate progress and making opposition to EPA nominee Scott Pruitt bipartisan. Once again, she has stood up to polluting interests and stood strong for the environment and public health in Maine and across the country, and we applaud her.”

Statement from Maureen Drouin, Executive Director of Maine Conservation Voters:

“We thank Senator Collins for her leadership in protecting Maine people and our environment and for opposing Scott Pruitt as head of the EPA. An overwhelming number of Maine people spoke out against Pruitt’s nomination and Senator Collins listened. Pruitt has spent much of his career suing the EPA to undermine crucial protections for our air, land, and water. These protections are critical for Maine people who are forced to breathe dirty air generated by coal-fired power plants upwind, causing serious health problems like asthma attacks and heart damage.

“Pruitt would also reverse the progress we’ve made to combat climate change – progress that Senator Collins has led. Senator Collins knows that climate change is not – and cannot be – a partisan issue. Already, Maine people are seeing the impacts of climate change, from effects on our fisheries to the increase of tick-borne disease. It is time to come together around solutions like the Clean Power Plan, not let Pruitt and his friends in the fossil fuel industry threaten the important work of the EPA.

“We thank both Senator Susan Collins and Senator Angus King for opposing Scott Pruitt. With their votes, our Senators have proven that they will continue to defend the health and well-being of all Maine people.”