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LCV Reaction to Pruitt Senate Testimony

Jan 30, 2018

Alyssa Roberts, 202-454-4573,

Washington, D.C. – The League of Conservation Voters released the following statement on EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt’s testimony in front of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works from Vice President for Government Affairs Sara Chieffo:

“Scott Pruitt failed to justify his EPA’s many decisions to sell out our future to polluters, exposing once again that the Trump administration is a blatant front for industry. Pruitt couldn’t say whether his EPA did any health analysis of their toxic air pollution rollback announced last week, he wavered when asked to challenge Trump on funding for programs critical to protecting our kids from lead poisoning, he didn’t know where the American Lung Association stood on his many decisions threatening air quality, and he dodged questions on his travel and other ethics investigations. To top things off, Pruitt couldn’t explain himself when confronted with his own words on Trump’s unlawfulness.

“Thanks to environmental champs led by Senator Carper, Pruitt couldn’t filibuster his way out of tough questions and we have a clearer sense of how his toxic agenda is hurting our communities.”