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LCV Statement on EPW Democrats Boycott of Scott Pruitt Committee Vote

Feb 1, 2017

Seth Stein, 202-454-4573 or

Washington, DC – In response to the Democrats boycotting the Environment and Public Works Committee vote on Scott Pruitt for EPA Administrator, League of Conservation Voters (LCV) Senior Vice President of Government Affairs Tiernan Sittenfeld issued the following statement:

“Kudos to EPW Chairman Tom Carper and all the Democrats on the committee for their wise decision to boycott the committee vote on Scott Pruitt’s nomination for EPA Administrator. We wholeheartedly support their request for more information, clarity, and transparency before the committee votes on his nomination.  It would be a grave mistake to move forward when Pruitt has failed to provide requested documents, answer critically important questions regarding conflicts of interest, or demonstrate that he is fit to lead the EPA. Our next EPA administrator should be committed to fulfilling the EPA’s mission of protecting human health and the environment, and it’s clear that Scott Pruitt lacks that commitment and sides with polluters at every opportunity.”

Yesterday, LCV and other environmental groups protested at Senator Barrasso’s office asking him to delay the committee vote. Earlier this month, LCV launched a $50,000 digital ad campaign against Scott Pruitt’s nomination for EPA administrator. The ad highlights Pruitt’s “pay to play” approach to politics. LCV has sent a letter to the Senate strongly opposing Pruitt and released a memo, “EPA Administrator Nominee Scott Pruitt: Climate Denier and Fossil Fuel Industry Shill.”