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LCV Statement on FY17 Spending Bill Agreement

May 1, 2017

David Willett 202-454-4598


Washington, DC: In response to the agreement on a federal spending package through the end of the fiscal year, the League of Conservation Voters issued the following statement from Deputy Legislative Director, Alex Taurel:

“This budget deal shows that the public’s opposition and outcry against Donald Trump’s radical agenda to favor polluters over health and safety is having real results. His unconscionable cuts to the EPA, clean energy funding, and regional watershed programs—as well as his proposal to build an immoral and anti-environmental border wall—were all rejected for now. We applaud the members of Congress who stood strong against these threats. To be sure, this budget deal is far from perfect, and we’re particularly troubled by Republican leaders’ insistence on the inclusion of anti-environmental riders related to biomass energy and smog pollution when ideological policy riders simply have no place in a spending bill. We must therefore remain vigilant as Congress moves onto 2018 spending to ensure that there are no more anti-environmental riders and that crucial and popular safeguards for healthy air, clean drinking water, thriving public lands and wildlife, and a safe climate for all communities remain funded.”