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LCV Statement on House GOP Resolution Condemning Biden’s Clean Energy Policies

Feb 1, 2024

Washington, DC: In response to House Republicans’ attempts to move a resolution condemning all of President Biden’s clean energy policies through the House Rules Committee today, the League of Conservation Voters (LCV) issued the following statement from Vice President of Government Affairs, Sara Chieffo.

“This outrageous resolution from MAGA House Republicans reads like a wishlist for greedy Big Oil executives who are willing to say and spend anything to pad their already record high profits. While clearly motivated by President Biden’s thoughtful recent decision to protect consumers and communities by pausing new LNG export terminals, Big Oil’s allies on the Hill are wasting time attacking everything President Biden has done to make the popular clean energy boom a reality–lowering costs, creating good jobs, and fighting the climate crisis.”

Let’s be clear, exporting LNG is harmful to our environment, our economy, and our communities. Continuing to allow the massive expansion of this industry would mean even more toxic pollution and higher energy bills for communities across the country who are already overburdened by pollution and energy costs, and would make it nearly impossible for the world to reach its climate goals. Our future must be powered by clean energy, not the polluting, volatile, and unreliable fossil fuels of the past.”

Yesterday LCV announced a $2 million campaign including an initial DC television buy, activity on the ground, and a significant digital campaign focused on getting the word out to young people to follow.