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LCV Statement on Senate Passage of the Continuing Resolution

Sep 28, 2016

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Washington, DC – In response to the Senate passage of a continuing resolution to fund the government, LCV Legislative Representative Madeleine Foote issued the following statement:

“While we’re pleased that the Senate was able to pass legislation that would avoid a government shutdown, we will work hard to ensure that Republican leadership sticks to their commitment to provide aid to Flint in the final Water Resources Development Act. It is beyond disappointing that while those impacted by the damaging flooding in Louisiana are receiving immediate aid, the people of Flint are forced to wait yet again for assistance in recovering from devastating lead contamination, all while still struggling to provide clean water to their families.

“As we look towards the debate in December on a longer-term government funding package, we urge Congress to pass a clean budget that adequately funds our agencies to ensure they can protect our air, water, lands and wildlife, and excludes any ideological and anti-environmental riders, including the provision included in today’s legislation prohibiting the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) from finalizing rules on the disclosure of corporate political spending.”