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LCV Statement on President Obama’s Environmental Legacy

Jan 10, 2017

Contact: Hannah Blatt, (202) 454-4554 or hannah_blatt@lcv.org

Washington D.C.—In anticipation to President Barack Obama’s farewell address in Chicago today, the League of Conservation Voters’ President Gene Karpinski released the following statement on his strong environmental legacy:

“We are so pleased to be in Chicago for President Obama’s farewell speech to applaud his unparalleled environmental accomplishments. He has now cemented his legacy as the greenest president we’ve ever had. His administration has taken historic strides to make our planet cleaner and healthier for our children and grandchildren by combating climate change, protecting our public lands, implementing stronger protections for our air and water, and so much more. Thanks to President Obama, we are tackling the climate crisis head on by reducing carbon pollution, investing in clean energy and bringing the global community together for the first-ever international climate agreement. We are so grateful to President Obama for his truly incredible environmental leadership.”

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