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LCV Statement on Senate Confirming Scott Pruitt for EPA Administrator

Feb 17, 2017

Seth Stein, (202) 454-4573 or

Washington, DC— In response to the Senate vote approving Scott Pruitt’s nomination for EPA Administrator, LCV President Gene Karpinski issued the following statement:

“With historic opposition to his confirmation, Scott Pruitt should understand the scrutiny he will be under as Administrator of the EPA. With the notable exception of Senator Collins, whose no vote made opposition to Pruitt bipartisan, Senate Republicans proved once again they stand with Donald Trump and corporate polluters over the health of the American people. Despite many unanswered questions over corruption and far too cozy ties to Big Oil, Republican leaders jammed through EPA nominee Scott Pruitt. LCV applauds the many Democratic Senators who fought so hard – in the most contested EPA nomination ever – to protect all people in this country from the threats posed by Scott Pruitt. We will fiercely oppose Scott Pruitt at every step of the way when he attempts to gut commonsense safeguards for our air, water, land and the health of our families.”