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LCV Urges House to Oppose Farm Bill

May 17, 2018

Contact: Holly Burke, 202-454-4554,

Washington, D.C. – As the House of Representatives debates an anti-environmental Farm Bill, the League of Conservation Voters released the following statement in opposition from Senior Vice President for Government Affairs Tiernan Sittenfeld:


“Our communities can’t afford a Farm Bill that guts clean water safeguards, strips public land protections, and cuts critical nutrition programs for families. This extreme bill exposes countless children, farm workers and consumers to dangerous pesticides while eliminating public input from environmental review under NEPA, threatening wildlife and endangered species. With the House also considering adding a rider to repeal the Clean Water Rule, the bill even threatens safe drinking water for 117 million people.”


“The House Farm bill is a laundry list of favors for polluting special interests that put healthy communities at risk and we urge every member of the House to oppose it.”


LCV joined several environmental groups in a letter to Congress urging members to oppose the bill and will strongly consider including votes on this legislation in the 2018 Scorecard.