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LCV Victory Fund Takes the Climate Case to Latinx Swing Voters in Arizona

Aug 27, 2020

Contact: Emily Samsel,, 828-713-9647

Phoenix, AZ — LCV Victory Fund today released new English and Spanish digital ads in Arizona about Trump’s dangerous denial of science in response to the climate crisis and coronavirus pandemic and the contrast between Trump’s record and Vice President Joe Biden’s leadership on climate. The six-figure ad campaign is targeted at 30,000 Latinx swing voters who care about the environment. The ads will run through Labor Day.

WATCH: “Time” (English); “Tiempo” (Time – Spanish)

WATCH: “Led The Way” (English); “Pionero” (Led The Way – Spanish)

Arizona’s Latinx families are on the front lines of climate change and care deeply about taking action to combat the crisis. A 2020 poll from Latino Decisions found that 73% of Arizona Latinx voters want the next president to aggressively combat the climate crisis and that more than 60% of Arizona Latinx voters have recently been impacted by climate change firsthand.

“Our research shows that talking to Arizona voters about President Trump’s harmful environmental record and contrasting his failure with Joe Biden’s climate leadership is key to defeating Trump in November,” said Emily Crerand, LCV Victory Fund National Campaigns Director. “Arizona voters need to know that Trump denies the threat of climate change just like he denied the threat of the coronavirus and it’s Latinx families who pay the price.”

“Arizonans are experiencing our hottest summer ever recorded this year,” noted Laura Dent, Executive Director of Chispa Arizona. “Climate change is impacting our health and our pocketbooks, and it’s threatening our future. Nuestras familias merecen un líder, como Joe Biden, que entiende que necesitamos acción contra el cambio climático.”

One of the two new ads, “Time,” shows how Trump’s refusal to listen to experts and denial of science in response to the coronavirus pandemic and the climate crisis puts Arizona families at risk.

The ad says: “For months, experts warned Donald Trump about the coronavirus. While the clock ticked by he ignored scientists — and we’ve seen the cost. It’s the same with climate change. Experts from NASA to the military warned it’s time to act before it’s too late. But Trump refuses to listen. And even says he doesn’t believe it. Trump denies the facts and we pay the price. While time is running out in the fight against climate change.”

LCV Victory Fund targeted a separate universe of over 150,000 Arizona environmental swing voters with similar ads throughout the summer. The new campaign launched today is LCV Victory Fund’s first bilingual ad campaign in Arizona this year.

For months, experts warned Donald Trump about the coronavirus
While the clock ticked by he ignored scientists
And we’ve seen the cost
It’s the same with climate change
Experts from NASA to the military warned it’s time to act
Before it’s too late
But Trump refuses to listen
And even says he doesn’t believe it
Trump denies the facts
And we pay the price
While time is running out in the fight against climate change

“Tiempo” (Time – Spanish)
Durante meses, los expertos le avisaron a Trump sobre el coronavirus
Y mientras pasaba el tiempo, el ignoró a los científicos
y hemos pagado el precio
Hace lo mismo con el cambio climático
Los expertos advirtieron que hay que actuar
antes de que sea demasiado tarde
Trump niega la realidad
y nosotros pagamos el precio
Mientras se nos acaba el tiempo en la lucha contra el cambio climático

“Led The Way”
After nearly four years of rejecting climate science
Gutting protections for our air and water
And putting us at risk
Isn’t it time to wipe things clean?
Joe Biden has led the way on climate change
With a bold plan that protects our environment
While creating new green energy jobs
And tougher rules for clean air and clean water
So all of us can live healthier, longer lives
Joe Biden
It’s time to get back on track

“Pionero” (Led The Way – Spanish)
Después de casi cuatro años de rechazar la ciencia climática
eliminar las protecciones para nuestro aire y agua
y ponernos en riesgo
¿no es hora de limpiar las cosas?
Joe Biden ha sido pionero en el cambio climático
con un plan audaz que protege nuestro ambiente
mientras creando nuevos empleos de energía verde
Y reglas más estrictas para el aire limpio y agua limpia
para que todos podamos vivir vidas más saludables y largas
Joe Biden
ya es hora de volver a la pista


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