This Week In Climate Action


Jul 7, 2023

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“I wish that Supreme Court ethics weren’t a partisan issue. Ethics never should be a partisan issue. But then again, neither should clean air, clean water, or voting rights be partisan issues, and yet here we are.”

Doug Lindner, LCV senior director of judiciary and democracy, in an interview with Vanity Fair on the growing movement to expand the Supreme Court.

“Heat sets the pace of our climate in so many ways … it’s never just the heat.”

Kim Cobb, a Brown University climate scientist, on this week’s record-breaking global temperatures.

“Low- and no-emission buses mean better health for our communities and less pollution in the environment. This federal investment will turn regular transit updates into opportunities for safer air and combating climate chaos.”

Senator Jeff Merkley on last week’s $17 million FTA investment in low- and no-emission public transportation options in Oregon.



NEVADANS ARE EXCITED ABOUT THE BIDEN-HARRIS ADMINISTRATION’S AFFORDABLE CLEAN ENERGY PLAN: This week, the LCV Climate Action team in Nevada hosted Climate Connections,  a conversation on the benefits of the affordable clean energy plan, featuring speakers from A Plastic Free World and Green Our Planet. The event’s dynamic and passionate speakers  provided informative, digestible information with clear examples of real-life scenarios through which the affordable clean energy plan  could save Nevadans money, including up to $7,000 toward the purchase of an electric vehicle. Learn more about Climate Action Nevada’s work here.


GIVEGREEN SURPASSES $10 MILLION RAISED TO ELECT CLIMATE LEADERS IN 2024: On Thursday, LCV Victory Fund and NRDC Action Votes announced more than $10 million has been raised and contributed for federal and state candidates through GiveGreen so far for the 2024 election cycle. These record-breaking early investments, with nearly a year and a half to go before Election Day, are a testament to voters’ enthusiasm around re-electing President Biden, Vice President Harris, and members of Congress who will continue to build off of 2022’s historic progress on climate.

LCV TAKE: LCV Victory Fund President Gene Karpinski said, “GiveGreen donors are sending a strong message straight out of the gate: we will fight for climate and environmental justice leaders in Congress and the White House. This early milestone reached by the GiveGreen community speaks to the strong support candidates who act on climate have from people all across the country who are benefiting from the hundreds of thousands of clean energy jobs and lower energy costs that the Biden-Harris Administration’s affordable clean energy plan made possible. Together, we will continue to elect climate champions who will fight for healthy communities and a clean energy future for all.”

NRDC TAKE: NRDC Action Fund President Manish Bapna said, “GiveGreen donors understand how important it is to join forces to defend the unprecedented progress we’re making now on clean energy and climate justice. Together, we can defeat Big Oil’s preferred candidates up and down the ballot and ensure the U.S. unlocks the jobs, equity and health benefits of a clean energy future.”

“I TESTIFIED FOR STRONGER ENVIRONMENTAL REGULATIONS, AND YOU CAN TOO”: Last week, LCV Government Affairs Fellow Olivia Smith testified in-person before the EPA in support of improving protections from toxic coal ash and cleaning up hundreds of contaminated sites. Coal ash is the second largest source of industrial waste in the country, and coal plants continue to produce approximately 70 million tons of coal ash every year. Finalizing a strong rule to regulate this toxic pollution is important to delivering on the Biden-Harris administration’s commitment to addressing environmental injustice and ensuring everyone has access to a healthy environment. Read Olivia’s testimony as well as a reflection on her experience here.

CHISPA AZ HELPS EXPAND KNOWLEDGE ON GARDENING AND SUSTAINABILITY: On Sunday, astronomer and gardening pupil Don Julio and Chispa Arizona launched a collaborative series of workshops, “Gardening with Blanca,” to expand the community’s knowledge of cultivating and harvesting. For more information, check out their post here.


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