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Mar 29, 2024

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“The Battery Workforce Initiative will accelerate our return to global technology leadership and help create more middle-class jobs.” 

Bob Galyen, Chief Technology Officer for the Battery Industry Trade Association, on the Energy and Labor departments’ new EV battery training program.  

“Big Oil and Gas have been getting away with sloppy operations for too long, carelessly leaking and burning off the extra methane they get from our public lands.”  

— House Natural Resources Committee Ranking Member Raúl Grijalva expresses support of the Biden-Harris administration’s new safeguards that will reduce methane emissions on public lands.     

The Biden-Harris administration continues to make historic progress in developing the American offshore wind industry, which is paving the way for good-paying union jobs in manufacturing, shipbuilding and construction. 

— Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland on the approval of the country’s seventh offshore wind project, Sunrise Wind. 


EPA RELEASES HEAVY-DUTY VEHICLE STANDARDS: EPA has released its final emissions standards for heavy-duty trucks, buses and other large vehicles. Heavy-duty vehicles are a major contributor to planet-warming and health-harming emissions. 

OUR TAKE: LCV Government Affairs Advocate on Climate Change & Clean Energy Darien Davis said, “We appreciate that the Biden-Harris administration and the EPA have taken an important step forward to finalize tailpipe pollution limits that are feasible and will help advance the adoption of electric trucks and buses. We are excited that the EPA is moving to support the modernization of vehicle standards across the transportation sector that will ultimately improve air quality in communities across the country and fight against life-shortening air pollution and the climate crisis. We look forward to continued work with the Biden-Harris administration to best leverage their significant federal investments through the Clean School Bus and Heavy-Duty Vehicles Programs in communities of color and communities with low wealth to deliver cleaner air and environmental justice at an even more rapid pace than the rules alone could deliver.” 

CHISPA TAKE: Chispa Senior Director Estefany Carrasco-González said, “We thank the EPA and the Biden-Harris Administration for again advancing stronger standards to curb dangerous air and climate emissions emitted from tractors, trash trucks, delivery trucks, school buses, and other heavy-duty vehicles. Today is a good day for our impacted familias and children living, working, or attending school near highways and other toxic transportation hubs every single day. Zero-emissions trucks and buses will lower operating costs, improve air quality, and fight the climate crisis. Today’s rule brings with it cleaner air and the hope that we can soon achieve a zero-emissions transportation sector to protect our public health and climate.” 

BIDEN-HARRIS ADMIN APPROVES NATION’S SEVENTH OFFSHORE WIND PROJECT: The Biden-Harris administration announced the final approval for Sunrise Wind, a planned offshore wind project off the coast of Long Island. The development will consist of up to 84 turbines generating enough clean electricity to power more than 320,000 homes and will create an estimated 800 jobs during construction, and 300 operations jobs once construction is complete in 2026. 

NYLCV TAKE: New York LCV President Julie Tighe said, “Today is a great day for the future of clean energy in New York and the United States! We are thrilled that the Biden Administration and BOEM approved Sunrise Wind to become the nation’s next commercial-scale offshore wind development. The Sunrise Wind project is a major step on New York’s path to greening the grid and achieving the goals set out in the CLCPA. But what’s more — and at a time when the climate fight demands more action — this announcement demonstrates we are not just talking about clean energy, we are delivering on it, and it further solidifies New York as a national leader in renewable energy development. We applaud Orsted on this news and we salute Governor Hochul for her bold environmental leadership.” 

DOE TACKLES INDUSTRIAL CARBON EMISSIONS: DOE has announced it will invest $6 billion in 33 projects expected to cut more than 14 million metric tons of carbon emissions annually from energy-intensive industries, such as aluminum, steel, and cement manufacturing.  

OUR TAKE: LCV Government Affairs Advocate Sara Fontes said, “This investment in decarbonizing the industrial sector is a win for working people, our global competitiveness, and for the planet. The projects announced by DOE will create tens of thousands of jobs, the majority being union labor, producing the aluminum, steel and other materials that are essential to accelerating the transition to a clean energy future while significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions and other pollution. While LCV is excited to see most of the approved projects move forward, we encourage the administration to focus on centering environmental justice concerns and robust community engagement in upcoming project phases.” 

BIDEN-HARRIS ADMINISTRATION LAUNCHES NEW EV BATTERY TRAINING PROGRAM: The Energy and Labor departments have introduced newly standardized guidelines for training battery manufacturing workers to ensure a sufficient supply chain of skilled workers to decarbonize the electric grid and expand the electric vehicle industry. Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm announced the plan at a lithium cell manufacturing facility near Lansing, Michigan that is expected to generate 1,700 new jobs by 2025.  


LCVAF ANNOUNCES ADDITIONAL ENDORSEMENTS FOR U.S. CONGRESS: LCV Action Fund announced its endorsement of Andy Kim for election to the U.S. Senate representing New Jersey. Representative Kim has an impressive 99% lifetime score on LCV’s National Environmental Scorecard. 

OUR TAKE: LCV Action Fund Senior Vice President for Government Affairs Tiernan Sittenfeld said, “Representative Andy Kim has fought tirelessly for clean air, water, and energy, the largest investment ever in climate action through the Inflation Reduction Act, to protect our treasured coasts, and to strengthen our democracy throughout his time in Congress. He is truly a champion for a clean energy future and a more free and fair democracy for all. LCV Action Fund is thrilled to announce our endorsement for Andy Kim for Senate where we know he will continue to be a tremendous leader.” 

NEW JERSEY LCV TAKE: New Jersey LCV Executive Director Ed Potosnak said, “Andy Kim has been a critical ally in Congress as New Jersey leads the nation in building our clean energy economy. New Jerseyans can be assured that in the Senate he will continue to advocate for protecting our coast, conserving our land, and a more just and equitable clean energy future for our state.” 

KIM TAKE: Representative Andy Kim said, “I’ll never forget watching my sons take some of their first steps on Jersey Shore beaches, or camping as a kid in the Pine Barrens. These beautiful, national treasures deserve to be protected for my kids and future generations to enjoy. I hope to continue protecting them and working to make sure New Jersey is a state that fights climate change, replenishes our beaches, and protects ecosystems that prop up our shore towns, businesses, and families across New Jersey. I’m grateful for LCVAF’s endorsement, and proud that they see in our campaign a movement that’s focused on people and protecting New Jersey’s beautiful landmarks for generations to come.” 

Additionally, LCVAF announced its endorsement of Sarah Elfreth for election to the U.S. House of Representatives representing Maryland’s 3rd District. Senator Sarah Elfreth is a leading pro-environment voice in the Maryland State Senate with a 100% lifetime score on Maryland LCV’s scorecard 

TAKE 2: LCV Action Fund Senior Vice President for Government Affairs Tiernan Sittenfeld said, “LCV Action Fund is excited to support Sarah Elfreth’s campaign for Congress to fight for all Marylanders, the Chesapeake Bay, and communities across the country. Sarah Elfreth has been a leader even before her service in the Maryland Senate to increase protections for clean air and water, land conservation, investments in clean energy and more resilient infrastructure, and for environmental justice in communities. LCV Action Fund looks forward to working with her to build a cleaner and more sustainable future for all.” 

ELFRETH TAKE: Senator Sarah Elfreth said, “From devastating flooding in historic Ellicott City and Annapolis to tornadoes in Anne Arundel County, residents of our district are living with the profoundly damaging consequences of climate change. In the Maryland Senate, I have worked to make communities more resilient to the impacts of climate change and to improve the health of the Chesapeake Bay. On Capitol Hill, I will fight for climate justice, to speed our transition to clean energy, for a stronger democracy, and to protect the Bay and its watershed.” 

ROBERT F. KENNEDY JR. ANNOUNCES RUNNING MATE: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. announced he has chosen Nicole Shanahan as his running mate for his far-fetched presidential bid.  

OUR TAKE: LCV Senior Vice President of Communications David Willett said, “With a campaign based on shifting positions, switching parties, and pushing harmful and debunked conspiracy theories, it’s clear that Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Nicole Shanahan cannot be trusted to protect the environment and our communities, much less win an election. We’ve seen Kennedy time and time again tarnish his past work by spreading misinformation about science and climate change in ways that are harmful for the health and safety of people across the country. To make matters worse, Kennedy’s campaign-hopping clearly demonstrates that he is willing to do anything to get ballot access, including cozying up to the ultra-rich, embracing climate deniers, and flip flopping on his policy stances. But ultimately the only thing he’s doing is helping Trump’s candidacy. He said himself just today that ‘our campaign is a spoiler.’ In stark contrast, the Biden administration has done more than any administration in history to confront the climate crisis – and is doing so in ways that create jobs and lower costs.” 


PENNSYLVANIA HOUSE PASSES COMMUNITY SOLAR: On Tuesday, The Pennsylvania House passed legislation to create a state program that would give energy customers the option to subscribe to community solar projects. Community solar increases access to clean energy and makes solar available to customers who are unable to install solar on their homes. The bill is now in the Senate. 

CVPA TAKE: Conservation Voters of Pennsylvania Executive Director Molly Parzen said, “This legislation will give working families in Pennsylvania more energy choices, which will help them save money on their energy bills — particularly people of color and low-income households. And it helps position our commonwealth to lead in building the clean energy economy of the future, helping our workers compete for jobs in growing green energy industries.” 

STRONG PROJECT LABOR AGREEMENT ANNOUNCED FOR NEW YORK OFFSHORE WIND PORT: Labor unions and offshore wind developer Equinor signed a first-of-its-kind project labor agreement this week for the construction of the South Brooklyn Marine Terminal (SBMT). SBMT will be pivotal to support Empire Wind, an offshore wind project planned off the coast of Long Island that received its final federal approval last month.  The project labor agreement commits to utilizing New York’s union workforce,  establishes working standards and safety practices, and sets equity measures for the construction of the terminal which could break ground as soon as next week. 

NYLCV TAKE: New York LCV President Julie Tighe said, “NYLCV applauds Equinor for establishing this historic Project Labor Agreement for the construction of the South Brooklyn Marine Terminal. As the Empire Wind project takes shape, this agreement will help fulfill the twin promise of our clean energy transition: reducing our reliance on fossil fuels while providing family sustaining union jobs for the New Yorkers who lay the cables and install the turbines, all while ensuring a robust labor pipeline in the years ahead.” 

MASSACHUSETTS SETS LANDMARK REGULATIONS FOR AIR POLLUTION IN ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE COMMUNITIES: Governor Maura Healy of Massachusetts announced amendments to the state’s air pollution regulations that set new nation-leading standards for projects seeking permits in or near environmental justice communities, as directed by the 2021 Next-Generation Roadmap Law. Under the updated rules, Massachusetts is the first state to require air emissions permit applicants to conduct a cumulative impact analysis to examine current environmental and public health conditions in the local community. The amendments also mandate enhanced public outreach and meaningful community engagement during the permitting process.  

ELM TAKE: Environmental League of Massachusetts Vice President of Policy Amy Boyd Rabin said, “Cumulative Impact Assessments will vastly improve our ability to protect air quality by making fact-based, historically informed decisions about permitting in vulnerable communities. We applaud the Healey-Driscoll Administration and the Department of Environmental Protection for taking this first-in-the nation step to ensure cleaner air for all Massachusetts residents.”  

THIS LOOKS LIKE A JOB FOR… SUPAMAN!: Montana Conservation Voters launched a Get out the Vote campaign with Indigenous rapper Supaman, a member of the Apsaalooke Nation. Check out the video on MCV’s Instagram! 


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