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May 10, 2024

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“It is not shocking, but perhaps a little bold and gross that the oil industry is writing text for executive orders.”

Matthew Davis, LCV Vice President of Government Affairs, on the oil industry writing executive orders that would roll back President Biden’s environmental protections for Donald Trump to sign if he retakes office.

“Our polling shows that when young voters learn about President Biden’s record, they move in his favor.”

Alex Glass, Climate Power spokesperson, on a new memo released by LCV, Climate Power, and more than 20 additional groups regarding President Biden’s environmental record.

“Donald Trump is selling out working families to Big Oil for campaign checks. It’s that simple.”

Ammar Moussa, Biden campaign spokesperson, on Donald Trump’s promises to Big Oil in exchange for $1 billion campaign donations. 


OVER 300 ENVIRONMENTAL ACTIONS TAKEN: LCV, Climate Power, and more than 20 additional organizations have released a memo detailing the more than 300 environmental actions taken by the Biden-Harris administration. The policies cheered in the memo have created more than 270,000 jobs (and are expected to create millions more) and have put the country closer than ever to achieving President Biden’s climate goals. The memo is available in English and Spanish, and check out this full list of all 322 climate actions taken by the administration.


HOUSE PASSES APPLIANCE BILL: The House voted to pass H.R. 6192, the “Hands Off Our Home Appliances Act” which would effectively block the Department of Energy (DOE) from advancing energy efficiency standards for home appliances that save consumers money and reduce wasted energy and water.

OUR TAKE: Before the vote, LCV Vice President of Federal Policy Matthew Davis said, “MAGA Republicans will stop at absolutely nothing to keep Big Polluters happy. Just last week, they rolled back protections for public lands to help Big Oil and other polluters. Now, instead of trying to tackle the most urgent issues, like the climate crisis or safeguarding voting rights, they are trying— for the second time— to roll back appliance efficiency standards that save money for consumers, proving that they don’t have the best interest of our communities or families in mind. The Biden-Harris Administration has consistently prioritized building a clean energy future that lowers energy costs, creates good paying jobs, and protects our planet; MAGA extremists should be doing the same.”

Earlier this week, LCV sent a letter to members of the House urging them to oppose the bill.

TAKE 2: From the letter, LCV President Gene Karpinski said, “LCV urges you to vote NO on H.R. 6192, the Hands Off Our Home Appliances Act, which would effectively block the Department of Energy from setting appliance efficiency standards that lower consumer costs and reduce wasted energy and water. If enacted, this bill would block new money-saving efficiency standards and could jeopardize existing specifications for household appliances. This bill could force customers to rely on outdated, inefficient technology and must be rejected.”

70+ LAWMAKERS CALL ON ADMINISTRATION TO PROTECT LNG EXPORT PAUSE: More than 70 legislators in the House and Senate sent a letter to President Biden and the Department of Energy (DOE) thanking the administration for pausing new LNG export project approvals and urging it to “develop meaningful economic and environmental tests to ensure that the DOE public interest determination criteria truly protect what is best for the public and climate.” Read more about why the pause is a huge win on the blog!

OUR TAKE: LCV Senior Federal Advocacy Campaigns Director Leah Donahey said, “We applaud these Congressional leaders for supporting the Biden-Harris administration’s pause of new LNG export approvals and for underscoring what a critical opportunity this is for frontline communities, for our climate, and for our economy. This decision to examine whether new exports are in the public interest is common sense and must be used to ensure we are looking at the full climate, environmental justice and cost impacts of harmful LNG export infrastructure. This pause underscores how the Biden-Harris administration is standing up to greedy fossil fuel companies and continuing to build on their historic climate leadership.”

CHISPA TX TAKE: Chispa Texas Program Director Elida Castillo said, “We commend our Congressional leaders for standing in support of our frontline communities by sending a message to President Biden and Secretary Granholm on the value and need of the LNG pause in order to give the Department of Energy time to consider the criteria needed to evaluate the public interest of new LNG export terminals. We have seen many of the impacts to our health, environment, and economy in the short amount of time that these facilities have been operating in our communities and now the effects of rising energy prices are being felt by everyone after the Russia-Ukraine war. Our concerns should be taken seriously over Big Oil’s profits, and this congressional support to give our federal government time to examine the impacts of LNG expansion on our environment and communities is urgently needed and welcome.”

MEMBERS TAKE: From the letter, “We believe the facts are clear: LNG exports harm U.S. households and industrial consumers. With our allies well-supplied by existing exports, we agree that now is the time to step back and examine the long-term impacts that additional U.S. LNG exports will have on American consumers, industries, and the environment. This is an overdue opportunity to examine whether the LNG export boom creates value for the American people or, as we suspect, results in harm while primarily benefiting oil and gas companies that want to ship American LNG overseas for higher profits.”

TRUMP’S BILLION DOLLAR PROMISE TO BIG OIL: As reported by the Washington Post, Donald Trump has demanded $1 billion from oil executives, in exchange for which he would promise to roll back President Biden’s efforts to fight the climate crisis, build a clean energy economy, and protect clean air and water.

OUR TAKE: LCV Senior Vice President for Campaigns Pete Maysmith said, “One. Billion. Dollars. That is the price tag Donald Trump put on bowing to oil executive demands to roll back the progress Joe Biden has made on climate, on family-sustaining clean energy jobs, on lowering costs and on protecting our communities. In addition to making increasingly unhinged anti-environmental comments on the campaign trail, Trump has also repeatedly said he would be a ‘dictator for one day’ to accelerate oil drilling. Now we know he sees it as a transaction to benefit himself – $1 billion for Trump, a devastating climate future for the rest of us. Trump’s vow to halt clean energy and cater to Big Oil will do nothing to help people or lower prices and the oil industry knows it. It was already revealed this week that it was U.S. oil executives who have been colluding with OPEC to keep prices high and have been writing executive orders for Trump to sign on Day One. The choice has never been more clear. Trump is willing to hand the country over to oil executives and sell out a healthier and more prosperous world for future generations. Joe Biden has already made more progress on climate and environmental protection than any other president ever and is just getting started.”

FERC TO FINALIZE TRANSMISSION RULE: The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) is expected to finalize its transmission planning and cost allocation rule on Monday. The new rule will advance transmission improvements to ensure communities across the country have access to clean, reliable, affordable energy.

OUR TAKE: LCV Vice President of Government Affairs and former EPA scientist Matthew Davis said, “FERC has the opportunity to continue the historic climate progress that the Biden-Harris administration has already started by improving electricity transmission and building a clean energy future. For the first time, there could be clear requirements for grid operators to effectively plan and fairly spread costs for the needed grid improvements, expansions, and connections to help reduce electricity prices and blackouts, while getting affordable clean energy on all grids. We expect FERC will do the right thing and ensure more reliable, affordable and clean electricity for families across the country.”

LCVAF ENDORSED CANDIDATES TAKE INDIANA PRIMARIES: LCV Action Fund endorsed candidates Representative Frank Mrvan (IN-01) and Representative André Carson (IN-07) emerged victorious in their respective Indiana primary elections on Tuesday.

OUR TAKE: LCV Action Fund Senior Vice President for Government Affairs Tiernan Sittenfeld said, “Congratulations to Representatives Frank Mrvan and André Carson on their victories in Indiana. Communities across Indiana have been impacted by extreme weather, more flooding exacerbated by the climate crisis, and polluted waterways. LCV Action Fund is thrilled to support climate champions who will fight to protect communities across the country and fight for clean air and water, our public lands, and a clean energy future.”

CHISPA’S NEWSLETTER IS BACK: LCV’s Chispa program is back with its monthly community focused newsletter! In this month’s edition, learn about Asthma Awareness Month, Chispa Earth Day celebrations, the community clean energy hub, and more!


VERMONT LEGISLATURE PASSES 100% RENEWABLE ENERGY STANDARD: On Tuesday, The Vermont Senate passed legislation requiring electric utilities to source 100% of their power from renewable sources by 2035 following the bill’s passage in the House at the end of March. Unfortunately,  Vermont’s three biggest climate bills this session face a veto threat from Republican governor Phill Scott.

VCV TAKE: Vermont Conservation Voters Executive Director Lauren Hierl said, “After the recent flooding and other climate disasters facing Vermont communities, it’s encouraging that Vermont is on the cusp of adopting one of the most ambitious renewable energy standards in the country. This bill is an important step in Vermont’s efforts to cut climate pollution and leave a better Vermont for future generations.”

COLORADO PASSES AIR QUALITY PACKAGE, RESTORES WETLAND PROTECTIONS: Colorado’s legislature passed two bills this week aimed at improving air quality by tightening regulations on oil and gas pollution. The bills, SB24-229 “Ozone Mitigation Measures” and SB24-230 “Oil & Gas Production Fees,” would strengthen air quality enforcement, require more scrutiny for air emissions permits in disproportionately impacted communities, help plug old oil wells, codify nitrogen oxides emissions reduction targets, and establish a new fee for oil and gas production that is projected to generate an estimated $138 million in annual revenue for transit projects and public land conservation.

CONSERVATION COLORADO TAKE: Conservation Colorado CEO Kelly Nordini said, “We’re celebrating the passage of these two bills, which are major wins for the environment. The bills will result in meaningful reductions in ozone to combat pollution for communities that are facing the greatest impacts from the oil and gas sector. They will also bring unprecedented statewide funding for transit and one of the biggest investments in Colorado’s parks & wildlife in a decade!”

The legislature also passed HB 1379 to restore protections for wetlands and streams that were revoked by last year’s terrible Supreme Court decision Sackett v. EPA. Governor Jared Polis is expected to sign all three bills into law.

CHISPA NV LEADERS CALL OUT POLLUTERS: Last week, Chispa Nevada staff and leaders joined forces with the Sierra Club and other advocacy groups in Nebraska for a rally outside the Berkshire Hathaway shareholder meeting. Together, they advocated for a future free from pollution, envisioning a community where the harmful effects of gas are no longer a threat. Check out some powerful moments captured during the rally in Omaha!


ON THE BLOG: It’s been nearly five months since President Biden paused approvals for all new liquefied methane gas export projects, but misinformation about the decision still looms large. We break down the impacts of LNG and why the pause is a win for people and the planet this week on The Power Source Blog. And, as always, don’t forget to check out our top Good Climate News stories of the week!

ON OUR SOCIALS: The good news: President Biden has taken 322 actions to protect the environment. The bad news: Big Oil is spending Big Money to get Donald Trump back in office (and he’s looking for more). And, what do the country’s highest profile celebrities and high-speed rail have in common?


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