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  • Blog Post 12 Mar 2015  |   Kristin Brown

    EPA Preventing 1.8 Million Asthma Attacks

    For decades, smog has plagued Americans, causing breathing trouble, increased asthma attacks, even premature death. The American Lung Association likens inhaling smog to a sunburn on the lungs, and children’s little lungs get hit the hardest.

    The EPA is finally moving forward on updating clean air protections that will reduce this potentially deadly pollution. But of course, well-funded Big Polluters are opposed to these smog standards and are pushing back as hard as they can. ...More

  • Blog Post 10 Mar 2015  |   Matt McKnight

    Congressional Climate Champions

    Champions in Congress are standing up to climate change deniers and calling for action. Here are a few highlights from recent activities:

    Senators Maria Cantwell (WA), Barbara Boxer (CA), Ed Markey (MA), and Jeff Merkley (OR) spoke out against overriding President Obama’s veto of the bill attempting to force approval of the dirty Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (RI) joined Senator Markey for a press conference against this attempt to ...More

  • Blog Post 26 Feb 2015  |   Hannah Blatt

    LCV Unveils 2014 National Environmental Scorecard

    Gene Karpinski, President of the League of Conservation Voters (LCV), wrote a new blog on Huffington Post about the 2014 National Environmental Scorecard that LCV released today:

    The American public's growing concern about climate change in 2014 stands in stark contrast to the anti-environment agenda and votes of the U.S. House of Representatives, as detailed in this year's National Environmental Scorecard.

    Fortunately, the House's breathtaking attacks on our air, water, lands, and wildlife were blocked by ...More

  • Blog Post 19 Feb 2015  |   Pedro Lopez

    More than 500 rally and march for Sol, Not Coal in Arizona

    On Feb 26th, SRP board to vote on whether to tax the sun

    There’s just a week left until the board of directors of the Salt River Project (SRP) votes on a plan that would impose an across-the-board rate increase and an additional tax for customers with rooftop solar. I couldn’t be prouder of the effort our community has made heading into that vote to make sure that our call for Sol, Not Coal be heard ...More

  • Blog Post 30 Jan 2015  |   Hannah Blatt

    EPA Is Protecting Public Health and Reducing Smog

    Yesterday, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) held a hearing on their proposed update to the clean air standard for ground-level ozone pollution, which causes smog and puts public health at risk. This new standard will ensure that the air we breathe is clean, which will reduce pollution-related illnesses, preventing asthma attacks, missed school days and premature deaths. By 2025, the health benefits will total up to $38 billion.

    LCV’s Legislative Director, Sara Chieffo testified in support ...More

  • Blog Post 15 Jan 2015  |   Pedro Lopez

    Latinos in Arizona speak out on solar energy tax

    As one of Arizona’s largest electric utility, Salt River Project (SRP) has a plan for an across-the-board rate increase and a tax on rooftop solar panels. But SRP needs to be accountable to the community – to us – and we’re speaking up against this dirty and unfair plan.

    That’s why Chispa is mobilizing the Latino community. We need you speaking up and sending comments, and invite you to join us at a public meeting on ...More

  • Blog Post 14 Jan 2015  |   Vicente Garcia

    Future of New Mexico Energy: Update on the PRC hearings

    This past week has been an exciting one for Juntos and for New Mexico as groups continue to put pressure on our Public Regulations Commission to vote down the current dirty energy proposal being put forth by PNM, our state’s largest utility. The PRC hearing, slated to go until Friday of this week, started last Monday with a large rally attended by Juntos members as well as over 300 people and 34 organizations from across ...More

  • Blog Post 06 Jan 2015  |   Hannah Blatt

    Welcoming New Environmental Allies to Congress

    As the 114th Congress begins this week, let’s take a moment to celebrate the environmental allies elected over the last cycle that are joining the ranks of longtime champions and allies on Capitol Hill. LCV’s 2014 Environmental Facebook features 16 members of the U.S. House and four U.S. Senators who are committed to standing up to polluters and to protecting our environment:

    House: ...More

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