This Week In Climate Action


Apr 26, 2024

LCV, our state affiliates, and the Biden-Harris administration are working to put people and the planet first every week. This Earth Week, we are celebrating some of our recent climate wins and looking ahead to even more wins in the future. For more, be sure to follow LCV on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


“For young environmentalists like me, it means so much to know that we have a president who understands the importance of climate change, clean energy, and climate justice.”

— Michigan Healthy Climate Corps member Za’Nyia Kelly on President Biden’s work on environmental efforts.

“Today also serves as a reminder of the power of organizing, of what we can accomplish when young people, climate advocates, labor organizers, and working people of all backgrounds come together to demand the future we all deserve.”

— Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez speaking at an Earth Day event in Virginia where President Biden promoted his administration’s environmental efforts.

“President Biden and his entire administration are working to ensure every community can breathe clean air.”

— EPA Administrator Michael S. Regan on the Clean Heavy Duty Vehicle Grant Program.


Over the last two weeks, the Biden-Harris administration has announced a flurry of new environmental regulations to advance the country’s climate goals and protect people and the planet. Here is a comprehensive list of everything that came out of the administration during the last two weeks:

APRIL 12: Onshore Oil and Gas Updated Regulations released.

APRIL 18: Conservation and Landscape Health Rule released.

APRIL 19: Historic protections for 13 million acres of the Western Arctic announced.

APRIL 19: PFAS designated as hazardous under the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA), also known as Superfund. 

APRIL 22: American Climate Corps website launched.

APRIL 22: $7 billion in grants for residential solar under Solar for All awarded.

APRIL 23: America the Beautiful Freshwater Challenge: A Partnership to Conserve and Restore America’s Rivers, Lakes, Streams, and Wetlands program launched.

APRIL 23: First-ever zero-emission freight sector goal announced.

APRIL 23: Clean Heavy-Duty Vehicles Grant Program launched.

APRIL 24: Five-Year Offshore Wind Leasing Schedule announced.

APRIL 24: Renewable Energy Modernization Rule released.

APRIL 25: Power plant rules announced from EPA to establish new safeguards for carbon pollution from existing coal fired and new natural gas power plants, Mercury and Air Toxics Standards (MATS), Steam Electric Effluent Limitation Guidelines (ELG’s), and Coal Combustion Residuals (coal ash).

APRIL 26: 2024 White House Toolkit for Sustainable and Healthy K-12 Schools released.

*Find our statements in response to these announcements here.

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HAPPY “EARTH” DAY TO YOU: On Earth Day, President Biden was joined by Senators Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Ed Markey (D-MA) and Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY-14) for an event at Prince William Forest Park. At the event, President Biden announced ​​$7 billion in grant funding for Solar for All and the launch of the American Climate Corps website. Check out our X/Twitter thread from the event!

OUR TAKE: LCV Vice President of Government Affairs Sara Chieffo said, “President Biden has done more than any president in history to deliver on tackling the climate crisis and pollution, and we’re excited for the Biden-Harris administration’s continued commitment on clean energy and environmental justice the President announced for this year’s Earth Day. The historic Solar For All investments are a major step towards lowering energy costs for families across the country, helping combat the climate crisis at the scale and rate science requires, and putting us on the path for a clean energy future for all of our communities, especially in communities of color and those with low wealth. The Biden-Harris administration is continuing to invest in our youth and future generations with high-quality jobs to tackle the climate crisis through the American Climate Corps. We’re all in with the Biden-Harris administration to ensure we are doing everything we can to protect our communities, our climate, and our future.”

CHISPA NATIONAL TAKE: Chispa National Senior Director Estefany Carrasco-González said, “Today’s Solar for All announcement is a welcome relief for our communities disproportionately impacted by climate change and rising energy costs for far too long. Chispa congratulates all the community-led winners who will soon be in a stronger position to lead us into a healthier and better energy future by expanding access to clean, local, affordable and reliable energy for all.”

CHISPA NV TAKE: Chispa Nevada Program Director Audrey Peral said, “Chispa Nevada is proud to congratulate the Nevada Clean Energy Fund on winning Solar For All funding for low-income and multi-family housing. As we approach the Nevada summer, with electricity rates at an all-time high and our families living in neighborhoods with the hottest temperatures, our community needs urgent access to programs that will lower our utility bills and reduce climate pollution. We look forward to working with NCEF to develop solar projects that will transition Latine families, including renters and low-income households, to clean and local solar energy.”

EPA’S PLAN TO CUT POWER PLANT POLLUTION: In an announcement on Thursday, EPA unveiled four rules to tackle pollution from power plants. The final rules will reduce carbon emissions from existing coal and new natural gas power plants, update and strengthen the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards (MATS), cut wastewater pollution, and implement new regulations on coal ash.

OUR TAKE: LCV President Gene Karpinski said, “Continuing what has already been a historic Earth Month, today is another great day for clean air, clean water, environmental justice, and public health. The Biden administration’s strong new safeguards will dramatically cut carbon pollution, as well as the arsenic, soot, mercury, and other toxic pollution from power plants that ends up in our air, water, and land. This pollution threatens our health and safety, particularly for communities of color and communities of low wealth who are disproportionately located near power plants. These new rules from EPA will provide billions of dollars in public health benefits, especially critical in fenceline communities that have been fighting for these protections for decades.

“With these air, water, and waste standards, the administration is holding Big Polluters accountable for their actions that harm our communities and climate. We look forward to working with the EPA in the months ahead to comprehensively address carbon and other health-harming pollution from existing gas plants in a manner that takes into account the cumulative impacts of polluting facilities. Today’s standards are a critical step forward and LCV applauds the Biden-Harris administration for working to protect all communities.”

AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL: The Biden-Harris administration launched “The America the Beautiful Freshwater Challenge: A Partnership to Conserve and Restore America’s Rivers, Lakes, Streams, and Wetlands” this week, with LCV as an inaugural partner. Check out our post on X/Twitter!

OUR TAKE: LCV Healthy Communities Program Director Madeleine Foote said, “LCV is beyond excited to be one of over 100 inaugural members partnering with the Biden-Harris administration in the America the Beautiful Freshwater Challenge to protect and restore our nation’s water resources. Our rivers, lakes, streams, wetlands, and other waters are critical to the health of our families and communities by providing opportunities for recreation, fueling local economies, serving as sources of clean drinking water, buffering against severe storms and flooding, and serving as sacred spaces for Tribal Nations and other communities. Unfortunately, issues like climate change and the terrible Supreme Court Sackett decision that removed Clean Water Act protections from over half our wetlands and millions of miles of streams mean that our waters are more in jeopardy now than ever before.

“This new partnership will help reverse the trend of wetlands loss and pollution and destruction of our waterways by bringing together people at all levels of government, Tribal Nations, organizations, businesses, and individuals to marshal the resources and implement the strategies necessary to reach the ambitious goals of safeguarding, restoring, and reconnecting 8 million acres of wetlands and 100,000 miles of our nation’s river and streams. Today’s announcement builds on the Biden-Harris administration’s tremendous progress and commitment to ensuring every community has access to clean water– from lead pipe removal to drinking water standards for toxic PFAS to protection of iconic waters like Bristol Bay and the Boundary Waters and more, this administration has cemented itself as the most pro-clean water in history, and we look forward to continuing to work together to safeguard our waters for generations to come.”

A ZERO-EMISSION FREIGHT FUTURE: As part of a slew of clean transportation initiatives, the Biden-Harris administration announced the nation’s first-ever goal to transition to a zero-emission freight sector, as well as a $1 billion grant competition from EPA to replace dirty diesel trucks and buses with clean, zero-emission ones.

OUR TAKE: LCV Government Affairs Advocate for Climate & Clean Energy Darien Davis said, “The Biden-Harris administration is, once again, delivering on their clean energy plan by swiftly implementing the clean energy investments for cleaner trucks and buses in the Inflation Reduction Act. These announcements are a huge step toward electrifying trucks and buses across the country, especially in communities disproportionately impacted by toxic tailpipe pollution. The Clean Heavy Duty Vehicle program will not only help replace old heavy-duty vehicles – it will fund workforce development, critical charging infrastructure, and additional project implementation for zero-emission trucks and buses. We congratulate the Biden-Harris administration for their continued leadership and urge the EPA to continue the momentum by granting California’s Advanced Clean Trucks waiver to further advance the adoption of electric heavy-duty vehicles.”

CHISPA TAKE: Chispa Senior Director Estefany Carrasco-González said, “We are excited to welcome this new Clean Heavy-Duty Vehicle Program funding that can be used for electric school buses for our children to have healthier commutes and cleaner air. Our Chispa communities, parents, and students have organized for years to ensure a transition away from dirty diesel buses to protect the health of children suffering from asthma and those overexposed to polluted transportation corridors. We know electric school buses produce zero tailpipe pollution, perform well and have a lower total cost of ownership. With this new funding and IRA tax credits for clean vehicles, there’s never been a better time to replace aging diesel buses with a clean ride for kids, and we look forward to working with our communities and school districts to access this money.”

STRIDES IN OFFSHORE WIND: In the last few months, the Biden-Harris administration has overseen incredible progress on offshore wind. The administration issued final approvals for the New England Wind and Sunrise Wind projects, which will collectively generate more than 3,500 megawatts (MW) of clean energy, and oversaw the completion of South Fork Wind, the first commercial-scale offshore wind project in the United States.

This week, the Biden-Harris administration built on that progress by announcing a five-year leasing schedule for offshore wind and a $48 million investment in offshore wind research and development, and released both the final Renewable Energy Modernization Rule and the Offshore Wind Liftoff Report.

OUR TAKE: LCV Senior Government Affairs Advocate David Shadburn said, “Just last month, the Biden-Harris administration’s leadership led to offshore wind’s biggest month ever. Now this Earth Week, we are thrilled to see the administration’s continued commitment to responsibly and rapidly growing a clean energy future for all. By announcing a five-year leasing schedule for offshore wind and modernizing outdated regulations, the Biden-Harris administration is making it easier for clean energy companies to bid for offshore wind leases by creating predictability for the industry and lowering compliance costs that can be invested back into rapidly deploying this technology. This administration is championing environmental leadership actions alongside its commitments to comprehensive environmental reviews and engaging with Tribes, communities, and other ocean users throughout the leasing process. Today’s substantial investment in offshore wind research and development is critical to creating a more equitable clean energy economy.”

Read statements from our state affiliates Maine Conservation Voters, Maryland LCV, New York LCV, and Virginia LCV on these offshore wind announcements.

SUSTAINABLE EDUCATION: The White House held its first ever Summit on Sustainable and Healthy K-12 School Buildings and Grounds to discuss federal funding opportunities to invest in sustainable, safe, and healthy school infrastructure.

OUR TAKE: LCV Senior Director for Climate and Clean Energy Solutions Lisa Hoyos said, “This historic summit is an exciting step by the Biden-Harris administration to continue to center schools and young people as part of the climate solution for future generations. K-12 schools are often the largest energy consumers in municipalities, and on average, energy costs are the second largest expense to school districts after personnel.

“Major investments from the Biden-Harris administration to help schools transition to clean energy infrastructure and improve building health, comfort, and resiliency across the country will help cut harmful climate and air pollution and save school districts money that can be reinvested into students and classrooms. We applaud today’s first-ever White House Summit for Sustainable and Healthy Schools and urge the Biden-Harris administration to continue their strong support for more sustainable, healthy schools for all, and ensure investments are prioritized in communities of color and communities with low wealth impacted by pollution and the climate crisis.”


ROUNDTABLES ON GREEN ECONOMY AND LATINO COMMUNITIES:  On Wednesday, Latine businesses, community leaders, climate leaders, and Spanish language media met in Washington D.C. for a Spanish-language roundtable focused on job creation and economic growth in the green economy and its impact on Latine communities, organized by the Climate Group in partnership with Climate Power En Acción. On Thursday, climate leaders working with Latine communities heard from the administration and had the opportunity to ask questions at the “White House Roundtable on Latino Economic Empowerment through Climate Action.” LCV’s own Chispa Communications Director Elena Gaona participated in both events.

SCOTUS HEARS ORAL ARGUMENTS IN TRUMP V. UNITED STATES: The Supreme Court this week heard oral arguments in Trump v. United States, Donald Trump’s bonkers presidential immunity case. Listen to LCV Senior Director of Judiciary and Democracy Doug Lindner discuss the case on Instagram and in a conversation with our partners Stand Up America, Take Back the Court, People’s Parity Project, End Citizens United, and Let America Vote.

PENNSYLVANIA HOLDS PRIMARY ELECTIONS: In Pennsylvania’s primary elections on Tuesday, LCV endorsed candidates Representatives Dwight Evans (PA-3) and Summer Lee (PA-12) won their primary elections, and U.S. Senator Bob Casey and U.S. Representatives Susan Wild (PA-7), Matt Cartwright (PA-8), and Chris Deluzio (PA-17) advanced to the general election. A full list of LCV Action Fund endorsed candidates can be found here.

OUR TAKE: LCV Action Fund Senior Vice President for Government Affairs Tiernan Sittenfeld said, “LCV Action Fund congratulates climate champions Bob Casey, Dwight Evans, Susan Wild, Matt Cartwright, Summer Lee, and Chris Deluzio on  their victories tonight in Pennsylvania. We are especially thrilled that Representative Summer Lee, a strong champion for environmental justice, won a resounding primary victory despite coordinated efforts to defeat her. Pennsylvania is one of the most consequential swing states this fall for continued progress on clean air, water, and energy, and LCV Action Fund is all-in to help President Biden, Senator Casey, Representatives Evans, Wild, Cartwright, Lee, Deluzio, and other pro-environment candidates across the Commonwealth win in November.”

CALIFORNIA REACHES 100% CLEAN ENERGY MILESTONE: California’s electric grid ran on 100% clean and renewable energy for up to 6 hours a day every day over the past month. This is a huge win for the environment, public health, and consumers in California who are seeing lower energy prices thanks to the increase in renewables.

ENVIROVOTERS TAKE: Mike Young, Senior Political & Organizing Director for California Environmental Voters said, “As we celebrate California’s clean energy milestone, we’re reminded of the immense potential and urgency to scale up our clean energy initiatives. It underscores the feasibility of a greener future and the need for concerted action to end our fossil fuel dependency. California’s achievement is a stark reminder that we already have the solutions to solve the climate crisis. What we need is the political will necessary to meet this moment to create the cleaner future we deserve.”

ALASKA SENATE PASSES COMMUNITY RENEWABLE ENERGY BILL: The Alaska Senate unanimously passed S.B.152, a bill that would enable Alaskans to jointly invest in shared, off-site renewable energy projects such as community solar and wind projects. The law would allow the bill credits from the sale of excess power produced by the shared project to be split among individual energy customers that don’t share an electric meter. Under existing law, the cost savings from a clean energy project can only go to a single electric meter, effectively preventing customers from investing in shared projects. The bill is now headed to the state House.

AK CENTER TAKE: Kyla Kosednar, Advocacy Director for The Alaska Center said, “After so much hard work, we are overjoyed to see SB 152: Saving Alaskans Money with Voluntary Community Energy, or SAVE Act, pass out of the state Senate unanimously on Earth Day! The passage of this bill represents a landmark stride towards energy democracy for Alaskans. The community energy provisions in this bill allow communities and individuals to purchase low-cost shares to energy projects. Other states with similar legislation have seen a 10-15% reduction in energy bills, and Alaskans deserve access to clean and, most importantly, affordable energy. This bill will help us take control of our energy future by allowing communities to generate energy locally, giving more Alaskans a say in where their energy comes from. We look forward to this bill passing the state House and being implemented for a Just Transition for Alaska!”

CAMPAIGN TO DEFEND WASHINGTON’S LANDMARK CLIMATE LAW LAUNCHED: Last week, Washington Conservation Action and over 100 partners launched the “No on 2117” campaign opposing a ballot measure attempting to repeal the 2021 Climate Commitment Act which established the strongest carbon pricing program in the nation. Watch the coalition’s video explaining how I-2117 threatens Washingtonians.


WEEK OF 4/29: House slated to take up many anti-conservation/anti-Earth week legislation.

MAY 1: Start of Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month.