A Time For Heroes: Why Voting Is Important

Aug 12, 2020

By LCV Voting Rights Program Director Justin Kwasa

Below is a series of videos from Democracy For All Florida Director of the Miami area, Sebastian Caicedo. Sebastian grew up in Colombia and describes to us his first time with democracy when coming to America and recognizing how important voting is. The voter disenfranchisement we have seen in the previous Heroes blogs is a catalyst for Sebastian’s support of the Heroes Act. Sebastian believes the Heroes Act will give us the resources to vote in safer, faster ways but also provide education funds to ensure that future voters are fully informed on ballot measures and candidates. You can listen to all of Sebastian’s answers in entirety below. Help protect the 2020 election by reaching out to your Senators to support the Heroes Act!


Who are you and why is voting important to you?


What do you vote for?


What needs to change in our voting system?


How will the Heroes Act help your community vote?