CLIMATE ACTION SPOTLIGHT: LCV all-star youth activist finds passion at the intersection of public health and climate justice

Sep 9, 2021

Aida Amirul

Maddy Britting: LCV all-star youth activist finds passion at the intersection of public health and climate justice for Climate Action New Hampshire

Maddy Britting resides in the 1st Congressional District of New Hampshire and is a recent graduate from University of Connecticut with concentrations in neurobiology, physiology, and environmental studies. With an education in healthcare and environmentalism, Maddy has a profound understanding of the interconnectedness of human and environmental health that has translated into her passions, values, and dedication to the cause.

Invested in the fight for health and climate justice, Maddy has embraced her passions through organized climate action in her community with LCV. In her four years of volunteering with LCV’s Climate Action Team, she has made hundreds of advocacy phone calls encouraging public action, published letters to the editor addressing irresponsible environmental rollbacks, organized town halls and rallies, and called on lawmakers to act on climate and public health. 

Maddy especially played a vital role in the 2020 elections. She took charge of mobilizing voters to the polls and showed up for candidate tours to make her voice heard. She proudly highlights meeting Joe Biden during his visit to New Hampshire where she used the opportunity to discuss U.S.’s commitment to the Paris Agreement, which President Biden signed on his first day in office.

Maddy’s dedication to social change is not limited to LCV. As a leader in her community, Maddy has a knack for organizing and determination to keep every member of her community involved and informed of the issues she deeply cares about. Notably, she organized a “Save the Bees” event in her hometown of Londonderry and maximized inclusivity by offering action opportunities for families and young children, who are not typically represented in activism. Additionally, she made history by co-directing the first ever undergraduate One Health Conference at her university, opening up a platform for students to explore the interlinked relationship between environmental health and wellbeing.

When asked about the message she wants to share, Maddy offers a word of hope and encouragement to the younger population who often feel powerless and are worried about their futures. 

“No matter your field of work, background or experience, there is a space for everyone in the movement. The fight for the environment and climate justice is uniquely intersectional. It affects everything and everyone, in ways big or small. For members of my generation, there is always opportunity for meaningful involvement in inexpensive ways.”

Maddy emphasized the importance of contacting your lawmakers to voice concerns, noting that most constituents don’t realize getting in touch with members of Congress is the most accessible avenue to be heard. 

“Lawmakers love hearing from us, especially college students,” echoes Maddy.

Maddy is without a doubt, a key player in the fight for just climate action for our generation. Valuing interconnection and centering inclusivity are essential to a successful movement, and Maddy’s work is a great testament to that.


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