Wind Wins in Connecticut

Jun 5, 2019

Yesterday, the Connecticut state Senate unanimously passed the state’s first major investment in offshore wind! The bill, HB 7156, would require the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection to begin soliciting bids for up to 2,000 MW from renewable offshore wind sources within the next 14 days. It includes protections for labor as well as mitigation for wildlife and environmental impacts, making it one of the strongest offshore wind bills in the nation. Governor Ned Lamont has already pledged his support for this bill, which will position Connecticut as a leader in clean energy and provide a plan to transition away from fossil fuels.

“Offshore wind is the key to fighting climate change, creating jobs, and lowering energy costs, and we at CTLCV are thrilled to see it pass with such strong bipartisan support,” said CTLCV Executive Director Lori Brown. “This bill shows Governor Lamont and the General Assembly are thinking about our future. Investing in offshore wind now means we will have clean alternatives to fossil fuels, natural gas, and nuclear energy in the decades to come. It will create green collar jobs in both the development and maintenance of new windfarms—all of which will be done with an eye to mitigating impacts on wildlife and the environment. Our green economy starts today.”