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LCV Announces $50,000 Digital Ad Campaign Against Pruitt EPA Nomination

Jan 17, 2017

Seth Stein, (202) 454-4573, or

Washington, D.C. – Today, the League of Conservation Voters (LCV) is announcing a new $50,000 digital ad campaign against Scott Pruitt’s nomination for EPA Administrator. The ad highlights Pruitt’s “pay to play” approach to politics, like the thousands Big Polluters have contributed to him, and his urging the EPA not to look into the dangers of fracking.

The ad starts today and will run through the end of the month, and is estimated to garner over one million impressions. You can view it online here, with script and backup below.

“For EPA nominee Scott Pruitt, pay to play politics is ‘representative government,’” reads the ad’s voiceover. “He protested EPA looking into the dangers of fracking while taking thousands from dirty energy interests. So can we really trust him to protect our health? Reject Pruitt for EPA Administrator.”

This ad follows LCV releasing a letter to the Senate urging Senators to oppose Pruitt’s nomination last week. As stated in the letter, this is a “departure from our standard procedure of sending a letter to the full Senate when a floor vote is imminent and noting a given vote will be considered for inclusion in the National Environmental Scorecard.”

LCV has also released a memo, “EPA Administrator Nominee Scott Pruitt: Climate Denier and Fossil Fuel Industry Shill,” which can be found online here.