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Jun 14, 2024

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“People keep wondering why [food] prices haven’t gone down and there are a million explanations out there, but buried in there are the changing weather patterns and floods that affect crop production.”

Uriyoán Colón-Ramos, associate professor of nutrition and global health at George Washington University, on how climate change is affecting food supply and prices.

“Five years ago, when they closed Lordstown Assembly, it was a major gut punch – I know, I lived it. They wrote Lordstown off for dead. They thought we’d settle for low wages and unsafe jobs. They thought wrong.”

—  David Green, UAW Region 2B Director, on the breakthrough tentative agreement with Ultium Cells, a joint venture of General Motors and LG Energy Solutions. If ratified, the agreement will set a new standard for electric vehicle battery workers everywhere and mark a major milestone in the just transition to EVs.

“Make no mistake about it, America, if they get in charge all this great stuff is going to be undone. And lots of projects that are already underway may be stopped in the middle.”

— Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer on the Republican IRA repeal threat at an event with LCV and CVM partners.


BIDEN-HARRIS ADMINISTRATION TO INVEST $60 MILLION TO SUPPORT CLIMATE-READY WORKFORCE: The Department of Commerce and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) announced an investment of $60 million in training and jobs to build a climate-ready workforce for coastal and Great Lakes states, Tribes, and territories. This announcement is the latest development in NOAA’s Climate-Ready Workforce Initiative which helps people get jobs that advance climate resilience and protect coastal communities from climate change.

BIDEN-HARRIS ADMINISTRATION TO INVEST NEARLY $66 MILLION IN CONSERVATION: The USDA announced that they are investing nearly $66 million in projects to reduce wildfire threat, enhance water quality, and improve forest health across the country. This funding is being provided through the USDA Forest Service’s Good Neighbor Authority and the Joint Chiefs’ Landscape Restoration Partnership. These projects will also advance President Biden’s Justice40 Initiative, which aims to ensure that 40% of the benefits of federal climate, clean energy, and other investments go to communities that are disproportionately affected by underinvestment and pollution.


LCV WELCOMES STATE AFFILIATES TO DC FOR ANNUAL FLY-IN: LCV welcomed over 80 advocates from 29 of our state affiliates to D.C. for a policy advocacy week highlighting the transformational investments of the Inflation Reduction Act. Throughout the week, representatives from the state affiliates heard from National Climate Advisor Ali Zaidi, attended nearly 130 meetings with legislators, participated in a roundtable discussion on IRA benefits in their states, and more.

SCHUMER, STABENOW JOIN LCV AND STATE PARTNERS FOR ROUNDTABLE ON IRA BENEFITS: Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Chair of the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry Debbie Stabenow joined LCV for a roundtable with state partners Chispa Arizona, the Environmental League of Massachusetts, New York League of Conservation Voters, and Michigan League of Conservation Voters to discuss the benefits of IRA investments at the local and state level. Watch a recording of the roundtable discussion.

OUR TAKE: LCV Senior Vice President of Government Affairs Tiernan Sittenfeld said, “Our clean energy economy is thriving, this investment is supercharging the clean energy economy. The affordable clean energy plan is creating good paying, family sustaining jobs, saving consumers money, and putting cash back in their pockets. As people across the country suffer from deadly and devastating impacts of extreme weather fueled by the climate crisis, we are finally acting on climate at the scale science demands.”

SCHUMER TAKE: Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said, “We’re seeing every day the Inflation Reduction Act was so worth it because in the end, not only did we pass the strongest climate legislation in history, but we are implementing the strongest climate bill in history all across the country. Energy is getting cleaner and cleaner — whether it’s power or transportation or agriculture — the amount of carbon that’s going into the air is considerably less than it would have been, and we are getting millions of good paying jobs. These are jobs for the future.”

STABENOW TAKE: Chair Debbie Stabenow said, “From lowering energy costs for farmers and rural small businesses to spurring a clean energy boom with the creation of thousands of new jobs, the Inflation Reduction Act is delivering in communities across Michigan. We’re here commemorating this progress with the League of Conservation Voters, who has been a great partner in addressing the climate crisis.”

CHISPA AZ TAKE: Chispa Arizona Advocacy and Political Director Vania Guevara said, “In my community it can reach 120 degrees. Having this funding and communicating about the opportunities is a matter of life and death. No matter where you live, no matter how much money you make, everyone should have access to clean air, clean water, and public lands. We want a clean energy transition but that cannot come at the expense of our indigenous communities, our working class, or our environment.”

ELM TAKE: Environmental League of Massachusetts Offshore Wind Director Kelt Wilska said, “Offshore wind is the single greatest lever we can pull to lower carbon emissions, and ensure a just energy transition by strengthening the economy, protecting rate payers, improving public health, and creating family sustaining union jobs.

MLCV TAKE: Michigan LCV Political Coordinator Ethan Petzold said, “We know in Michigan that President Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act is allowing us to go into a clean energy future. Michiganders are realizing that taking action on climate is a kitchen table issue. It’s about lowering costs, it’s about good paying Michigan jobs, and it’s about creating a healthier more livable community for future generations.”

NY, NJ, PA, MD LCV TAKE: Federal Campaigns Manager for New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Maryland LCV Matt Salton said, “Unlike other laws, these don’t work unless people take advantage of them. That’s why we have been trying to get the word out any way we can, including town halls with elected officials, op-eds in local papers, and tabling at dozens of community events.”

CHISPA TAKES DC: Members and community organizers with Chispa National, Chispa Arizona, Chispa Nevada, and Chispa Texas visited Washington, D.C. this week (June 11-14) to meet with their Members of Congress and key Biden-Harris administration officials to discuss environmental concerns and clean energy investments in Latine communities across the nation. Learn more and read the following statements in Spanish in the ICYMI.

CHISPA AZ TAKE: Chispa Arizona Advocacy and Political Director Vania Guevara said, “In my community it can reach 120 degrees. Having this funding and communicating about the opportunities is a matter of life and death. No matter where you live, no matter how much money you make, everyone should have access to clean air, clean water, and public lands. We want a clean energy transition but that cannot come at the expense of our indigenous communities, our working class, or our environment.”

CHISPA TX TAKE: Chispa Texas Director Elida Castillo said, “Our Chispa Texas members had an important opportunity to speak directly to their Members of Congress and administration officials about the issues affecting their daily lives, like stopping out-of-control LNG and hydrogen facilities expansion in their backyards, and access to clean water and clean air. We were glad to meet with the Department of Energy, EPA and Environmental Justice champions from Texas. Our elected officials got to hear directly from the people, and we hope to continue the conversations for more impactful change brought about by the people, that benefits all our communities immediately and into the future.”

CHISPA NV TAKE: Chispa Nevada member Guadalupe Lyn said, “It was important for my whole family to travel to our nation’s capital because our communities are impacted by poor air quality and heat in Nevada, and we want to raise our voice on behalf of our neighbors and families. We met with our representatives and they listened. We discussed electric school buses, charging infrastructure, clean air, clean water, and climate investments that can lower our energy bills and bring good jobs to Nevada. We requested that our federal delegation create a big climate coalition, including Tribes, to learn more about survivorship under this extreme heat and climate change. And we also discussed justice for our community because we want to make sure all these programs are accessible to everyone.”

TRUMP PROMISES TO DRILL IN THE ARCTIC REFUGE: In his latest promise to Big Polluters, Donald Trump promised to drill in the Arctic Refuge if re-elected.

OUR TAKE: LCV Senior Vice President of Government Affairs Tiernan Sittenfeld said, “Former president Trump’s renewed promise to Big Polluters to drill, drill, drill in one of the most iconic natural treasures on the planet was appalling, but not surprising. His actions as the most anti-environmental president continue to be disastrous for our communities, clean air and water, our public lands, and future generations. His own words make crystal clear yet again that another Trump presidency would be beyond catastrophic.

In stark contrast, President Biden has done more to protect public lands than any president ever, and just this spring finalized protections for a record 13 million acres in the Arctic, totaling over 41 million acres protected during his administration. We’re all-in to support President Biden for another term so he can continue his historic efforts to safeguard our communities, clean air, water, and public lands and build a just and equitable clean energy future for all.”

DOI HOLDS CHUCKWALLA PUBLIC MEETING: Today, the Department of the Interior held a public meeting where officials heard from community members on the proposal to designate Chuckwalla National Monument in southern California.

OUR TAKE: LCV Conservation Program Director America Fitzpatrick said, “Today’s public meeting is an important step forward to designate Chuckwalla National Monument and further build on President Biden’s outstanding conservation legacy of protecting over 41 million acres during his administration. LCV is proud to support the Tribal and local leaders who have tirelessly advocated for the designation of Chuckwalla National Monument, an area of the California desert rich in cultural, recreational, spiritual, and ecological resources. We look forward to working alongside these leaders and the Biden-Harris administration to protect these sacred lands, which remains the lifeblood of several Indigenous communities to this day.”

CEV TAKE: California Environmental Voters Senior Political and Organizing Director Mike Young said, “Chuckwalla is an ecologically, recreationally, and culturally rich region and a deeply sacred landscape for many Indigenous groups in southern California. We are so grateful to the local and Tribal leaders who have spoken out in favor of the national monument designation today and throughout this campaign to highlight the countless ways these lands serve our southern California communities, from providing recreational opportunities to housing clean energy infrastructure and more. We urge the Biden-Harris administration to designate Chuckwalla National Monument as soon as possible to protect these lands for people to use and enjoy for generations to come.”

SENATE CONFIRMS THREE FERC MEMBERS: The Senate confirmed Republican Lindsay See, Democrat David Rosner, and Democrat Judy Chang as members of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). Ahead of the confirmation votes, LCV issued a statement urging FERC nominees to advance clean energy and environmental justice.

OUR TAKE: LCV Vice President of Federal Policy Matthew Davis said, “Under Chair Willie Phillips’ and Commissioner Allison Clements’ leadership, FERC has taken important steps forward on electricity transmission planning and cost allocation, backstop siting authority, and interconnection. However, there is still significant work to be done by FERC to ensure the grid is equipped to meet energy demand and integrate record-breaking new clean electricity supply, and that the Commission advances environmental justice by refusing to green-light damaging, unneeded, and unreasonably costly fossil fuel infrastructure projects which disproportionately burden communities of low wealth and communities of color. A fully constituted FERC can help deliver on these goals to bring clean, affordable electricity to families across the country. We urge the nominees to roll up their sleeves and tackle these challenges to bring about a more just and equitable clean energy future.”

HOUSE REPUBLICANS PASS FY25 NDAA LOADED WITH POISON PILL RIDERS: House Republicans narrowly passed the FY25 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). The NDAA includes extreme anti-environmental amendments which prioritize polluters over people, threaten public health, and undermine climate action. Earlier this week, LCV sent a letter to members of the House urging them to oppose these amendments.

OUR TAKE: From the letter, “Congress should be prioritizing supporting communities and      protecting the planet, not helping industry advance their extreme agenda that is exacerbating the climate crisis and harming communities across the country and the world. It is critical that Congress focus on promoting an equitable and environmentally responsible transition to affordable and reliable clean energy solutions.”

JUSTICE ALITO UNDER FIRE FOR UNETHICAL BEHAVIOR: Justice Samuel Alito has come under fire for a string of controversies including the flying of an inverted American flag and an “Appeal to Heaven” flag outside his homes–signs of support for MAGA extremism and the January 6th insurrection–and for stating that the U.S. should return to a “place of godliness.” We also know his family has direct financial ties to the fossil fuel industry even as he repeatedly rules in their favor, and against clean air and water. LCV joined the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, a coalition of more than 240 national organizations to promote and protect the rights of all persons in the U.S., in a letter to the Senate criticizing Alito’s behavior and urging an investigation into his corrupt conduct.

COALITION TAKE: From the letter, “It has once again become clear that there is a desperate need for an enforceable code of conduct for Supreme Court justices, as the unenforceable code released in November 2023 has been insufficient to prevent justices from engaging in behaviors that violate it. The need for serious and immediate action on judicial ethics has been proven repeatedly in recent years. The unethical behavior of justices and judges is unacceptable and cannot continue unchecked, especially as the public’s confidence in the Supreme Court continues to decline.”

HOUSE DEMS HOST ROUNDTABLE ON SCOTUS CORRUPTION: Democrats on the House Oversight and Accountability Committee held a roundtable on how the Supreme Court’s corruption crisis threatens our environment, our democracy, and so much more.

RASKIN TAKE: Ranking member Representative Jamie Raskin (D-08-MD) said, “The crisis on the Supreme Court today has multiple dimensions—it’s not just the ethical crisis, which the whole country is talking about today, it’s the doctrinal and political crises as well.  They’re interlocked and mutually reinforcing. It all adds up to a crisis of constitutional legitimacy.”

LCV ACTION FUND ENDORSED CANDIDATES WIN NEVADA PRIMARY ELECTIONS: LCV Action Fund endorsed candidates Senator Jacky Rosen and Representative Susie Lee were both successful in Nevada’s primary elections on Tuesday.

OUR TAKE: LCV Action Fund Senior Vice President for Government Affairs Tiernan Sittenfeld said,  “Senator Jacky Rosen and Representative Susie Lee are strong climate champions who are fighting to protect communities, clean air and water, our public lands, and clean energy. Nevadans have been at the forefront of the climate crisis, experiencing deadly extreme heat, increasingly higher utility bills, and worsening water and air quality. Nevada has the most potential to be a leader in our clean energy future, and LCV Action Fund is all-in to support Senator Rosen and Representative Lee.”

LCV ACTION FUND ANNOUNCES NEW ENDORSEMENTS FOR SENATE AND HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES: LCV Action Fund has announced a slate of new endorsements for seven pro-environment candidates. These candidates include U.S. Representative Adam Schiff (CA) and Prince George’s County Executive Angela Alsobrooks (MD) for U.S. Senate, in addition to U.S. Representative Rick Larsen (WA-02), and U.S. House candidates Shomari Figures (AL-02), Kelly Morrison (MN-03), John Mannion (NY-22), and Adam Miller (OH-15).

OUR TAKE: LCV Action Fund Senior Vice President for Government Affairs Tiernan Sittenfeld said, “We’re thrilled to announce LCV Action Fund’s latest slate of endorsements to support strong climate leaders committed to fighting the climate crisis and environmental injustice. Summer has just started and we are already seeing extreme weather and high temperatures expected to surpass last year’s record impacting communities across the country. LCV Action Fund is especially thrilled to support these new candidates who have a track record of protecting the environment and their communities, and will continue to fight for a clean energy future.”


CONSTRUCTION BEGINS ON NEW YORK OFFSHORE WIND PORT: This week, construction began on the new offshore wind port at the South Brooklyn Marine Terminal (SBMT). SBMT will be critical to support offshore wind development in the region, including Empire Wind 1, which received final approval earlier this year and will be the first offshore wind project to connect directly to the New York City grid. In March, unions secured a landmark project labor agreement for the port construction that committed to utilizing New York’s union workforce and established working standards, safety practices, and equity measures. New York LCV attended the groundbreaking with partners. Check out their photos from the event!

MD GOVERNOR TAKES ACTION TO ADDRESS CLIMATE CHANGE: Maryland Governor Wes Moore signed  a comprehensive executive order (EO) to implement the state’s Climate Pollution Reduction Plan. The order directs all state agencies to formally incorporate climate into their planning, calls for new pollution reduction regulations, and charges the Maryland Energy Administration with establishing a framework to achieve 100% clean energy by 2035. The actions outlined in the EO will create up to $1.2 million in public health benefits and over 27,000 jobs over the next seven years while prioritizing climate equity and reducing harmful climate emissions.

MDLCV TAKE: Maryland LCV Executive Director Kim Coble said, “Today’s executive order by Governor Moore demonstrates the urgency of addressing climate change and doing so in a way that benefits all of Maryland’s communities. By requiring every state agency to prioritize climate action and environmental justice, we are building a more sustainable Maryland together. Maryland LCV is proud to support these vital initiatives to protect our environment and our communities.”

IDAHO WIND PROJECT SHRINKS: The Lava Ridge Wind Project in Idaho is moving forward under a new plan that has reduced the project to half its proposed size. The Bureau of Land Management published its final environmental review which opted for a smaller model after receiving input from local landowners, ranchers, Native American tribes, and public officials. The alternate model is said to reduce potential impacts to sage grouse, large wildlife migration routes, cultural resources, Jerome County Airport, and more.

CVI TAKE: Conservation Voters for Idaho Program Director Ryan McGoldrick said, “For these projects to be successful though, we need community buy-in. Unfortunately, it’s clear that Magic Valley residents have not felt heard during the development of Lava Ridge. Regardless of the final decision, I hope the shortcomings of this project don’t turn Idahoans against beneficial projects elsewhere.”


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