Charlie Crist

Florida - District 13

CristFormer Governor Charlie Crist has a long record of being an environmental champion.

Crist served Florida as governor from 2006-2010, where he set ambitious targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase the use of clean energy. He built support for climate action by convening a national climate change conference in Miami and creating the Governor’s Action Team on Energy and Climate Change. Crist also helped protect the Everglades and opposed offshore drilling. He previously served in the Florida Senate and as Florida attorney general.

In Congress, Crist will be a strong advocate for action on climate change and clean energy development. He will also continue to focus on strengthening protections for the Everglades and oppose offshore drilling.

Crist joins the U.S. House after defeating Representative David Jolly, who was named to LCV’s Dirty Dozen list and earned a lifetime score of 8 percent on LCV’s National Environmental Scorecard through 2015.

In his own words:

“In Congress, I’ll work to ensure climate change is finally treated as the economic and national security threat that it is.”

Source: Official LCV Action Fund Charlie Crist endorsement press release (6/22/16)

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