John Hickenlooper



John Hickenlooper is a former geologist, small business owner, Mayor of Denver and Governor of Colorado. He is a strong supporter of quickly transitioning to a clean energy economy, protecting Colorado’s lands and waters, and regaining America’s role as a global leader in addressing climate change.

As Mayor of Denver, Hickenlooper worked to expand mass transit, reduce crime, improve educational opportunities, and tackle climate change. As Governor, he helped make Colorado a national leader in climate action by increasing investments in electric vehicle infrastructure and clean energy development and creating the state’s ground-breaking methane rules for oil and gas companies in the country – which were then used as a model by federal agencies. Hickenlooper also committed Colorado to meeting the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement even after Trump announced his intent to withdraw from the accord.

As a Senator, Hickenlooper would push for the U.S. to rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement, , fight for the transition to a 100% renewable energy economy, grow clean energy jobs, and support science-based solutions for tackling the climate crisis.

Hickenlooper joins the U.S. Senate after defeating Senator Cory Gardner, who earned a spot on LCV’s 2020 Dirty Dozen with an 11% lifetime score on LCV’s National Environmental Scorecard.

In his own words:

“From day one as senator, I will fight to rejoin the Paris Climate Accord, enforce stricter standards on methane pollution and other harmful emissions, dramatically accelerate development of wind and solar energy, and reverse President Trump and Senator Gardner’s retrogressive and reckless policies.”

Source: LCVAF Questionnaire