Mark Kelly



Captain Mark Kelly is a former engineer, U.S. Navy veteran and retired NASA astronaut who is committed to creating good-paying clean energy jobs and taking the actions necessary to combat the climate crisis.

After a decorated naval aviation career, Kelly joined NASA with his twin brother, Scott to become an astronaut. Kelly logged over 54 days in space spanning four shuttle missions, including to the International Space Station. Kelly did not plan on a career in politics, but everything changed when his wife, U.S. Representative Gabby Giffords (AZ-7), was shot during an attempted assasination and mass shooting in 2011. After retiring from NASA to focus on Rep. Giffords’ recovery, he joined his wife in launching Giffords, a nonprofit organization dedicated to stopping gun violence and creating safer communities in Arizona and across the country. Kelly was partially inspired to run for the Senate based on a perspective few on this planet possess: he’s seen the impact of climate change from space. He knows what’s at stake and that we need quick, decisive action.

In the Senate, Kelly will be a fierce defender of science-based approaches to tackling the climate crisis and a staunch advocate for making the investments we need to create family-sustaining jobs and a safer, cleaner future.

Kelly joins the U.S. Senate after defeating Senator Martha McSally, who earned a spot on LCV’s 2020 Dirty Dozen with a 7% lifetime score on LCV’s National Environmental Scorecard.

In his own words:

“I have seen the planet change from space, and wanting to stop that and protect our state and our planet is part of what inspired me to run. As an engineer and astronaut, I care deeply about climate change and its impact on our country and our planet.”

Source: LCVAF Questionnaire