Jamie Raskin

Maryland - District 08

RaskinAs a Maryland state senator and a constitutional law and legislation professor at American University, Jamie Raskin has been a strong champion for Maryland’s environment and addressing the climate crisis. His incredible leadership has earned him an impressive 98 percent lifetime score on Maryland LCV’s Environmental Scorecard.

Raskin was first elected to the Maryland Senate in 2006, and he became majority whip in 2012. He was the lead sponsor on a number of significant environmental bills, including the Green Maryland Act, which compels the state to look for environmentally-friendly products when making state purchasing decisions; the most important stormwater legislation in more than a decade; and the renowned “Jane Lawton Farm-to-Schools” law, which connects county school systems to local farmers to provide school children with local produce.

In Congress, climate action and protecting the Chesapeake Bay will be top priorities for Raskin. He is a strong advocate for market-based solutions to reduce carbon pollution, such as a carbon fee and dividend system that will facilitate a transition to a renewable energy economy.

Raskin takes the U.S. House seat held by Chris Van Hollen, who was elected to represent Maryland in the U.S. Senate. Van Hollen has earned a liftetime score of 98 percent on LCV’s National Environmental Scorecard through 2015.

In his own words:

“Climate change isn’t just an issue. It is the entire context in which we have to make all our public policy decisions. [W]e are on the precipice of a new Green Industrial Revolution. Let’s not mess it up. It’s almost certainly our last chance. We must show the vigor and creativity of the people who invented the New Deal.”

Source: Jamie Raskin for U.S. Congress Website

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